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7 Best Tools For Building Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web App

The advent of progressive web apps has transformed how we engage with websites, delivering users a seamless and prompt encounter reminiscent of utilizing a local application. If you’re seeking to construct a progressive web app for your enterprise or venture, you’ll require the appropriate aids to facilitate your journey. In this informative guide, we’ll delve into the top 7 tools at your disposal for developing progressive web apps. So, without further delay, let’s plunge into the realm of progressive web app development tools.

Framework-Specific Tools

Embracing the Top Frameworks of PWA greatly streamlines the development process of PWAs. Renowned frameworks offer developers an array of resources and utilities, eradicating the necessity of manual coding in bulk.


Angular is one of the first JavaScript frameworks created by Google in 2010. It has a mature methodology and consistent support from Google. Angular allows the creation of progressive apps through JSON configuration, saving time and effort. Proficiency in TypeScript is necessary to effectively use Angular. If Angular is too complex, alternative frameworks like React or Polymer can be used. These frameworks offer reusable components and templates to simplify development processes.

Ionic 2

Ionic has shifted from relying solely on Angular components to utilizing a more diverse technological stack. The latest version of Ionic allows developers to use contrasting frameworks to build web applications. Ionic provides a comprehensive set of tools for incorporating progressive web app development company features. This includes UI elements, unit testing, pre-built routing, and a tutorial on using Ionic for PWA development. Ionic is a good choice for those transitioning from Cordova/PhoneGap to responsive web applications.


Crafted by an individual and fueled by the MIT community, open-source Vue.js stands among the foremost JS libraries when it comes to coding and rendering prowess. Apart from default packages for routing, state management, and server-side rendering, the framework also boasts of CLI3, an exclusive package tailor-made for building progressive web apps (PWAs). The merits of Vue.js encompass:

  • Code Simplicity
  • Simple features PWA development services and structure
  • Fast rendering via virtual DOM.

React PWA Library

React.js can be combined with other libraries like GatsbyJS and NextJS to generate server-side and client-side rendered pages, handle routing, and manage API interactions. React offers extensive documentation, a wide range of libraries, strong ecosystem support, and a large developer community..

Best tools for building progressive web apps

According to a recent Emergen Research study, the global market for PWAs was worth $1.13 billion in 2017 and is expected to reach $10.44 billion by 2027, with a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 31.9%. The major 7 Best tools for building pwa development company are mentioned below:

Magento PWA Studio

Magento PWA Studio is a comprehensive toolkit designed to aid developers in the creation of a PWA Storefront atop a responsive Magento website. Tailored specifically for the Magento 2 platform, it utilizes advanced libraries and tools that align with the platform’s core principle of extensibility.

These essential tools include:

  • UPWARD, which plays a critical role in PWA functionality and houses a specification for a file that dictates the behavior of a web server.
  • PWA-buildpack, which establishes a local PWA development environment.
  • Peregrine and Venia, are repositories that provide visual elements for the development of progressive apps.
  • Shared Magento server and other useful utilities.

One of the most advantageous features of PWA app development company Studio is its adherence to the same release patterns as Magento 2. As a result, it remains in sync with any architectural or development changes made in M2.

Although Magento PWA Studio simplifies the process of creating a progressive storefront, finding an experienced Magento front-end developer can prove to be a daunting task. A competent developer must possess knowledge of modern frameworks (at least one from the aforementioned list) for building reusable UI components, as well as markup languages and the Magento 2 architecture.


ScandiPWA, a ready-made solution specifically designed for Magento e-commerce websites, sets itself apart from other tools with its unique features. Unlike other solutions, Scandi is an open-source theme for Magento that does not require middleware, extra services, or databases. This theme offers comprehensive support for various user journey aspects, including multiple languages, stores, currencies, and domains.

Instead of using multiple data exchange channels, Scandi solely utilizes GraphQL, a technology developed by Magento and expanded upon in the theme. One of the primary advantages of ScandiPWA is its ability to accelerate page rendering through its single-page application approach. By comparing the current page to its anticipated representation, it only updates the necessary parts, resulting in faster loading times.

PWA Builder

Conjured by Microsoft, this instrument is intended for metamorphosing websites into PWAs with minimal development labor. Simply enter the URL in the designated field to initiate a project.

PWA Builder will effortlessly discern if the site can accommodate PWA functionality. It fabricates a personalized web manifest and a multitude of service worker variations. Ultimately, this proves to be a convenient tool for developers seeking to experiment with the format with minimal exertion and financial resources, or those with limited familiarity with progressive apps.

Webpack Module Bundler

One of the salient features of website development services is their adeptness in functioning on a substandard Internet connection or even in the absence of one. As an open-source module bundler for Javascript, Webpack stands as one of the most proficient tools for integrating offline capabilities into websites.

This utility was designed to construct dependency graphs encompassing fonts, CSS components, images, and other JS files. These graphs serve to minimize the need for dependency management and reduce the frequency of server calls, leading to the expeditious loading of static elements. Despite its prowess, the Webpack Module Bundler does have a drawback.


The utilization of this development tool offers a ubiquitous solution for constructing Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) atop WordPress websites. The intricacies involved in manually creating a progressive app can prove to be daunting, requiring a comprehensive understanding of at least one progressive framework. Hire a PWA developer, this resource simplifies the process, making it accessible to less experienced users of WP.

SuperPWA stands as a widely sought-after and user-friendly plugin for PWA development. Renowned for its ability to craft impeccable offline pages, this tool serves as a valuable asset. While this plugin may not offer access to all the functionalities that PWAs can provide, it effectively adds offline capabilities to your website.


This add-on is specifically designed for WordPress sites. hire a PWA developer in India to allow developers to pre-cache certain elements of the website and send push notifications to users, akin to native applications. It utilizes the Backbone.js framework to generate progressive web applications.


Human writers have a strong affinity for utilizing Polymer as a convenient template for streamlining the process of constructing PWAs. Indeed, Polymer is a JavaScript framework developed by Google that is open-source. It boasts an impressive range of tools and templates specifically designed for PWAs, accompanied by extensive documentation. It proves to be extremely advantageous when synchronizing data across multiple devices.

Hire a PWA developer in India, Polymer serves as a great option for generating reusable components. Its utilization offers a simplified and optimized development process equipped with readily available APIs and PRPL patterns. By eliminating the need for custom setup, Polymer facilitates a faster route to creating prototypes and delving straight into coding your project.


Utilizing the appropriate resources, website development services can craft a flawless and enticing mobile interaction for your audience. Regardless of your level of expertise, these assets will facilitate a more efficient development process, resulting in a superior Progressive Web App. Uncover the potential of these tools and elevate your web development capabilities. If you require support or further guidance, our team is just a message away.

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