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Choose the best Indian high school for your kid: Top 5 schools in Dubai

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If you are an ex-pat Indian living in Dubai, we understand your urge to find the best school for your children. Almost every Indian parent in UAE wishes to infuse the moral values of their country in the child. But, at the same time, they want them to settle well in the county they are in and get familiar with the global competition. For that, they choose the best Indian high school in the city and enrol their children in them with an aim to give them a quality education. 

Earlier it was challenging for the parents to find the best Indian schools in Dubai. But things have changed now! Parents’ real challenge now is to narrow the plethoras of options to choose the best out of a pool of schools. So, to ease the job for all those parents, we have listed the best school options available in Dubai.

Top 5 schools in Dubai

The Global Indian International School Dubai

GIIS Dubai is a worldwide name in the educational industry, with campuses in different countries around the globe. Each campus is well-equipped with all the amenities a child requires to learn better and excel in life. Their unique teaching methodology seamlessly focuses on the holistic development of every child, giving them the time and motivation to try sports, fine arts, and other learning aspects. If you want quality education and global exposure for your child, choosing this Indian high school would be a good decision. 

The Indian Academy

It is a co-educational school in Dubai affiliated with the CBSE board. Their teaching and non-teaching staff are qualified and trained in their work. They work to instill the Indian values in children and make them flexible enough to settle and adjust in any part of the world. The academic results of the school have been excellent year after year. Moreover, their students have also excelled in co-curricular activities. 

GEMS Modern Academy

GEMS modern academy is another high School that parents trust. They have won the highest accolade of the Gulf region in the educational department for their exceptional academic results. The school works with a vision to provide a happy and nurturing environment for students, ensuring the highest engagement in school. They plan various activities and events to engage children and help them understand that learning is beyond good grades. 

Amity School

Amity is a popular name in the educational industry with multiple schools, colleges, and universities in different parts of the world. Their Dubai campus has also set a benchmark in quality education with state-of-the-art amenities and a fruitful learning strategy. They have CBSE affiliation and rank higher amongst schools in Dubai. Their educators work tirelessly to keep the students motivated and encouraged to do well in life. They prepare them to face the challenges that the future holds efficiently. 

JSS Private School

Their vision is evident from their motto ‘seek to learn excel’. Their students have brought laurels to them in every field of learning, be it academics, sports, or fine arts. Choosing JSS private school for your child is one of the best decisions you can make for them. A balanced student-teacher ratio, the vision of holistic development of every child, and a nurturing environment at school; everything helps design their life to give them the opportunities to outdo themselves.

Though there are countless other schools in the city, going with any school from the list above would be fruitful. The ideal way for the parents is to explore each option thoroughly and check details like academic records and fee structure. Once you narrow two-three options, plan a personal visit to look at the facilities and environment at school. Once you are sure, go with the best Indian schools in Dubai that you feel would be best for your child.

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