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How Can My Website Get Google News Approved?


In today’s digital age, being featured on Google News can significantly boost the visibility and credibility of your website. With millions of users relying on Google News for their daily dose of information, getting your website approved as a news source can drive traffic, increase engagement, and establish your brand as an authority in your niche. However, getting approved by Google News requires fulfilling certain criteria and adhering to specific guidelines. In this article, we will explore effective strategies to help your website achieve Google News approval.

Understanding Google News

Google News is a news aggregator service that collects and displays news articles from various sources worldwide. It provides users with personalized news feeds based on their interests and preferences. To maintain the quality and reliability of the news articles displayed, Google has established specific guidelines for websites seeking approval as a Google News source.

Importance of Google News Approval

Obtaining Google News approval offers several advantages for your website. Firstly, it can significantly increase your visibility by allowing your articles to appear in the “News” section of Google search results. This exposure can attract a substantial amount of organic traffic and enhance your brand’s reach. Moreover, being featured in Google News adds credibility and authority to your website, increasing user trust and engagement.

Criteria for Google News Approval

To increase your chances of getting approved by Google News, it’s essential to meet their specific criteria. Here are the key factors to consider:

Quality and Originality of Content

Google values high-quality and original content. Ensure that your articles are well-researched, provide unique perspectives, and offer valuable insights to readers. Avoid publishing duplicate or plagiarized content, as it can lead to rejection.

News Site Structure

Organize your website in a way that emphasizes news-related content. Use clear categories, tags, and labels to differentiate news articles from other types of content. Implement a dedicated “News” section or a separate subdomain for your news articles.

Trustworthiness and Credibility

Establish your website’s trustworthiness and credibility by displaying author information, including bylines and author bios. Clearly state your editorial policies and disclose any conflicts of interest. Ensure transparency and accuracy in reporting.

Editorial Standards and Accountability

Maintain high editorial standards and adhere to journalistic ethics. Fact-check your content rigorously and correct any errors promptly. Implement a robust editorial review process to ensure the accuracy and reliability of your articles.

Optimizing Content for Google News Approval

To increase your chances of approval, optimize your content with these strategies:

Focus on News-Worthy Topics

Cover current and trending news topics relevant to your niche. Monitor industry trends, breaking news, and events to provide timely and informative articles. Original reporting and in-depth analysis can help your content stand out.

Implement Proper Structuring and Formatting

Use proper heading tags (H1, H2, etc.) to structure your articles. This helps Google understand the hierarchy and importance of your content. Incorporate bullet points, numbered lists, and subheadings to improve readability.

Use Relevant Keywords

Research and incorporate relevant keywords in your articles to enhance their visibility in search results. However, avoid keyword stuffing and maintain a natural flow of content. Focus on providing value to readers rather than solely optimizing for search engines.

Regularly Publish Fresh Content

Consistently publish newsworthy content to demonstrate your website’s activity and relevance. Google News favors websites that frequently update their content. Maintain a consistent publishing schedule to stay ahead of the competition.

Include Authoritative Sources and Citations

Support your news articles with credible sources and references. Linking to reputable sources enhances your content’s reliability and trustworthiness. Attribute information properly and provide citations where necessary.

Technical Considerations

Apart from content optimization, pay attention to the following technical aspects:

XML Sitemap

Create an XML sitemap specifically for your news articles. This helps Google discover and index your content more efficiently. Submit the sitemap to Google Search Console for better visibility.

Mobile-Friendly Design

Ensure that your website is optimized for mobile devices. A responsive design guarantees a seamless user experience across different screen sizes, which is crucial for Google News approval.

Page Load Speed

Optimize your website’s loading speed to improve user experience. Compress images, leverage browser caching, and minify code to reduce page load times. Fast-loading websites are favored by search engines.

HTTPS Security

Implement HTTPS encryption to enhance the security of your website. Google considers security an important ranking factor and prefers websites with a secure connection.

Building Backlinks and Social Proof

Earning backlinks from reputable sources can boost your website’s authority and improve your chances of Google News approval. Invest in link-building strategies such as guest blogging, collaborating with influencers, and networking with industry leaders. Additionally, encourage social sharing of your articles to generate social proof and increase your online visibility.

Engaging User Experience

Create a positive user experience to retain visitors and encourage them to explore your content further:

Clear Navigation and User-Friendly Layout

Design an intuitive navigation menu that enables users to easily browse through your website. Make it simple for readers to find news articles and navigate back to the homepage or other relevant pages.

Incorporating Multimedia Elements

Enhance the visual appeal of your articles by incorporating images, infographics, and videos. Visual content can make your articles more engaging and shareable.

Mobile Responsiveness

Ensure that your website is optimized for mobile devices. A significant portion of news consumption occurs on smartphones and tablets, so a mobile-friendly design is essential for user satisfaction and Google News approval.

Fast and Reliable Website

Optimize your website’s performance to provide a seamless browsing experience. Minimize server downtime, optimize database queries, and utilize content delivery networks (CDNs) to improve website speed and reliability.

Promoting Your Content

To maximize the impact of your news articles, actively promote them using various marketing channels:

Social Media Promotion

Leverage social media platforms to share your articles, engage with your audience, and build a community. Use relevant hashtags, tag relevant accounts, and encourage social sharing to expand your reach.

Email Marketing

Build an email subscriber list and send newsletters featuring your latest news articles. Personalize your emails, craft compelling subject lines, and include snippets or summaries of your articles to drive traffic to your website.

Influencer Collaborations

Partner with influencers and industry experts to amplify the reach of your news articles. Collaborate on co-created content, interviews, or guest contributions to tap into their existing audience.

Guest Blogging

Contribute guest posts to reputable websites and include links back to your news articles. Guest blogging not only builds backlinks but also exposes your brand to new audiences.

Tracking Performance and Making Improvements

Continuously monitor and analyze your website’s performance to make data-driven improvements:

Utilizing Google Analytics

Implement Google Analytics to track user behavior, engagement metrics, and traffic sources. Analyzing this data helps you understand your audience and make informed decisions.

Monitoring Keyword Rankings

Track your website’s keyword rankings in search results. Identify opportunities to improve your rankings and optimize your content accordingly.

Analyzing User Behavior

Study user behavior on your website, such as time spent on a page, bounce rate, and click-through rates. Identify patterns and make improvements to enhance user engagement and retention.

A/B Testing Headlines and Meta Descriptions

Experiment with different headlines and meta descriptions to identify the most effective ones. A compelling headline and meta description can significantly impact click-through rates.


Obtaining Google News approval for your website requires a strategic and holistic approach. By focusing on content quality, technical optimization, user experience, and promotion, you can increase your chances of getting featured on Google News. Stay updated with the latest guidelines and continuously refine your strategies to maximize the benefits of being a Google News-approved source.


How long does it take to get Google News approval for my website?

The approval process can take several weeks or even months. It depends on various factors, including the quality of your content, website structure, and adherence to Google’s guidelines.

Can a personal blog get approved by Google News?

While it’s challenging, a personal blog can get approved if it consistently publishes high-quality news content, follows Google’s guidelines, and demonstrates credibility and trustworthiness.

Are there any specific word count requirements for Google News articles?

Google does not specify a minimum or maximum word count. However, it’s recommended to provide sufficient depth and value in your articles, covering the topic comprehensively.

Can I use press releases as news articles for Google News approval?

Press releases alone may not meet Google’s requirements for originality and news value. While press releases can be a source of news, it’s essential to provide additional context, analysis, or original reporting to increase the chances of approval.

 Is it possible to reapply for Google News approval if my website gets rejected initially?

Yes, you can reapply after making the necessary improvements to your website and addressing the reasons for rejection. Take the feedback provided by Google into account and work towards meeting their guidelines.

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