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Inspection Excellence: Montgomery, AL’s Trusted Home Insights

Home Inspection

Purchasing a home is an exciting milestone. After months of searching, you finally found a house in Montgomery that checks all your boxes. Now comes the critical home inspection before signing the dotted line.

As Montgomery, AL’s trusted home inspection experts, we have inspected hundreds of local properties. This article shares our insights on securing a home in Montgomery through a comprehensive inspection. Read on to learn about common issues found, things to focus on, and how to pick the right inspector for your new Montgomery home.

Common Problems Found During Montgomery Home Inspections

Given Montgomery’s humid, subtropical climate, many issues we uncover during inspections relate to moisture intrusion and its resulting damage. Some of the most common problems we find in local homes include:

  • Mold growth in attics, crawlspaces, and basements due to poor ventilation or plumbing leaks
  • Rotting wood and water stains from roof, gutter, or flashing leaks
  • Foundation cracks allow water seepage into basements and crawlspaces
  • Failing shingle roofs exceeding their 15-20 year lifespan
  • Galvanized supply pipes and cast iron drain pipes corroded past their 50-60-year lifespan
  • Water heater corrosion and sediment build shorten lifespan
  • Evidence of termite damage and conducive conditions for further infestation
  • Improper electrical wiring, outdated panels, and insufficient amperage for modern usage
  • Lack of insulation allows costly air leaks throughout the home
  • HVAC issues like undersized units and faulty ductwork reduce system efficiency

Many of these issues are not visible during a regular showing but are easily identified during a professional inspection. Our thorough process and experienced eye uncover defects that may compromise the home’s safety, function, and longevity if left unaddressed.

Critical Areas to Focus on in Montgomery

Certain components in Montgomery homes need extra scrutiny during the inspection due to vulnerabilities in local housing stock. As licensed home inspectors, we pay special attention to:

  • Roofing: Montgomery’s climate means roofs take a beating. We look for worn, cupping, or cracking shingles, examine flashing around penetrations, and check for any signs of interior water damage.
  • Foundation: Heavy clay soils can cause foundations to settle and crack over time. We check perimeter slabs and interior supports for levelness and fracture signs.
  • Drainage: Poor drainage leads to wet soils around the home’s perimeter, causing moisture damage. We check for proper slope, gutters, downspout extensions, and perimeter drains.
  • Insulation: Older Montgomery homes often lack sufficient insulation. We inspect the attic, walls, and crawlspace for coverage and air sealing to reduce energy costs.
  • HVAC: Improperly sized units increase wear and energy usage in Montgomery’s hot climate. We verify capacity matches the home’s square footage.
  • Electrical: Outdated wiring and panels cannot handle modern electric loads and pose fire risks. We check the entire system for safety and capacity.

These vulnerable areas directly impact your home’s safety, comfort, and affordability in Montgomery long-term. Our licensed expertise identifies issues early so they can be addressed properly before closing.

Choosing Your Montgomery Home Inspector

Selecting the right inspector is key to a thorough, unbiased evaluation of the home’s condition. As you compare inspectors, look for:

  • Experience & Licensing: A long track record inspecting Montgomery homes indicates capability. Verify state licensing through LIC.
  • Knowledge: Look for advanced certifications like CREIA Master Inspector to indicate true expertise. Our inspectors average over 1000 inspections completed.
  • Tools: We use high-tech tools like moisture meters, infrared cameras, and digital reporting to conduct the most comprehensive inspections.
  • Reputation: We have 5-star ratings across Google, Facebook, and Guild Quality based on thousands of happy local customers.
  • Rapport: Reading reviews highlight our clear, friendly communication style explaining findings and next steps.
  • Affordability: Our fair pricing provides thorough inspections homeowners can afford. We offer no high-pressure upsells.

As Montgomery’s trusted home inspection experts for over 25 years, we check all these boxes. Our experience with local homes means we know where to look and what to look for during inspections. Detailed findings and practical recommendations empower homeowners to make informed decisions about the home’s condition before purchase. Contact us today to schedule your inspection!

The Home Inspection Process in Montgomery

Wondering what the inspection entails? Our process works as follows:

  • Pre-Inspection: We discuss your objectives and share what to expect. Payment and signed agreement occur upfront.
  • Inspection Walkthrough: We thoroughly assess all home systems and components, documenting issues found. You are encouraged to join and ask questions.
  • Review of Findings: We summarize inspection results onsite, explaining issues and next steps. You’ll know where the home stands.
  • Detailed Report: Our proprietary report with supporting photos and videos is sent within 24 hours for future reference.
  • Post-Inspection Options: If repairs are recommended, we discuss negotiating with the seller or adjusting offer terms before closing.
  • Ongoing Support: We answer any additional questions about your report findings even after the inspection.

Our exhaustive process and clear communication aim to eliminate surprises about your Montgomery home’s condition before purchase.

Secure Your Dream Home in Montgomery

A pre-purchase home inspection in Montgomery AL helps turn the house you love into the home of your dreams. As Montgomery AL’s trusted inspection experts, we provide the clarity and insights you need to invest wisely. Our accurate, unbiased evaluations conducted by licensed professionals give you peace of mind during the home-buying process. Don’t leave your new home’s condition to chance. Contact Inspection Excellence today to schedule an inspection!

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