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What is blooket and how can we login?

What is blooket and how can we login

Blooket is a program for learning and fun. This program is designed like a game. but it is not also a game it is used as a learning method for fun. blooket is a simple program similar to Kahoot. This Markethuck will teach you how to login into blooket.

What is blooket?

Blooket is a combination of gaming and the educational system. In which we get can learn and entertainment with the online process. it is not an app. it is an online website that is still working. In this platform the teacher and student have access but the student has limited access to the teacher. The blooket allows both single and groped compositions. This teacher has access to which question he selected for his students and gets the information for another teacher. it is a limited base preparation .in this paper only MCQs are allowed.

How can we log in to blooket?

we can log in to blooket.com quickly. It’s very simple to login into blooket.at first, we search blooket.com in the google search bar .then we click the blooket.com website and log in and create a simple account like google. give your email and password for login .then your account will create in blooket.

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How we can play games on blooket?

After the teacher login then they will get the quiz from her students so the only teacher needs to log in and create an account on blooket and start the game on blooket only students need ID non-account on blooket .

the teacher will give the student’s id so the students can log in. after the login of students, the teacher has access to select the question in the list or game after the exam the teacher can compare her student’s results.

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