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What Should You Do If You Are Assaulted at Night Club?

What Should You Do If You Are Assaulted at Night Club?

Nightclubs are places where you can chill and hack around with your friends, but they might never turn into fight clubs. Protecting yourself is an important aspect when you are in any public place. However, the owner is responsible for protecting you when you are sitting on this premises, but as it is said, ‘safety is better than cure.’


The club’s owner’s responsibility is to protect all the visitors on its premises. If the owner fails to do so, you can hold the owner responsible for all the losses you bear. Be it health damage or property damage. The owner has to take care of taking precautionary measures like hiring security staff, installing CCTV cameras, using high-quality doors, and windows, etc. If the club owner fails to do so,  you have the right to file a case against the owner after a free legal consultation


The above-mentioned steps are well implemented after you have an accident at the club. But here are additional things you must never forget if caught in an assault at the nightclub.


  1. Call 911 Immediately: If someone has attacked you in the club, you should first call the police. This will increase the chances of arresting the person that attacked you. Furthermore, you would be asked to state the police, which will be essential when you file your case for assault.

  2. Get the Names of the Offenders: You should get the offender’s names if you can get them politely. Though this seems to be far-fetched due to the chaos and the rage you might feel. But this would be extremely valuable for the case, and police would be able to identify that person easily.

  3. Get a copy of the Police Statement: You will be asked to state the incident that happened with you to the police, which will include a detailed description of what happened to you. After which, the police will make a statement (document of the incident). You must ask the police to give you a copy of the statement, as that would be needed when presenting your case in court.


The owner of the club and the offender would be held responsible for all the damages that you have incurred during the assault as it was the responsibility of the owner of the club to enforce protection for the safety of the visitors and the offender as that person has just committed a crime. You must reach out to your lawyer and file a case against them with valid proof and justification.


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